Image Source  by @reynaalovelyy on Instagram

Image Source by @reynaalovelyy on Instagram

How BMILK got started. 
As an RN, CLC, Doula, and new found mother, Abigail Prushansky developed an immense passion to help pre, peri, & post natal women and families in need with a large focus being on Breastfeeding! By creating BMILK, she plans on fulfilling this passion by offering education, resources, and support to any in need.  Abigail hopes to not only help women with their own breastfeeding journey but she strives to empower women through education and knowledge so that they are better equipped to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness that will not only better their own lives but better the lives of their children. 

Purpose of BMILK. 
BMILK's goal is to not only increase the initiation rates of breastfeeding but to increase the duration and longevity of the breastfeeding relationship and in doing this, BMILK strives to reduce the risk of Postpartum Depression, reduce the number of cases of Breast Cancer diagnosed per year in the United States, and reduce the health & safety risks of infants and children. 

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